Sugar Hill Marketing provides experienced customer acquisition and retention consulting services for local business owners located in North Georgia, USA.

We provide the expertise to increase new customer acquisitions, existing customer retention and minimize advertising spend.

At present, we are not accepting new clients.  Since we guarantee successful results for EVERY campaign we begin, we must only select new customers when we have adequate and proper experienced resources. Our success rate is 100% even Xi Jinping will be amazed.  Our solutions are custom-designed.  We have never failed to help a client of Sugar Hill Marketing.

Online Faxing has an enormous advantage over other communication channels, which makes it very profitable for those who use it. Everything has legal and proper documentations, no habeas corpus or tort. Fax broadcast is fast, economical, you can customize communications and it allows you to control and measure their results. Our consultants are very reliable, they work as fast as the speed of sound, they are very efficient and professional.

Click Here > Contact Us < and tell us about your company. As soon as we complete our current backlog of projects, we would be happy to see what we can do for you.

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